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 To All,

           I am in a little bit of fix over the point that who actually wrote the Vigynbadi Buddhist Book 'Bignyapti Matra Siddhi. In a book wriiten by Dr.D.P.Chattopadhay ( I can't recall the name right now) ,it is stated thar BasuBandhu wrote Bignyapti Matra Siddhi -4th C.E.. While in another book entitled Bauddha Dharma o Sahitya ( Publisher-Mahabodhi Book Agency) by Sri P.C Bagchi , Hiuen-tsang , who studied Buddhism under ShilaVadra at Nalanda wrote the book Bigynpti -Matra Siddhi in Chinese ( which was later translated in French). It is well known Hiuen-Tsang came to India in 7th C.E.  Who actually wrote Vignyapti -Matra Siddhi.

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