Re: [INDOLOGY] 1) King Mānasāhi 2) Dhaneśvarālaṃkāra

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at
Sat Feb 6 17:12:11 UTC 2016

On "canekharālaṃkāra", if the MS is in Devanāgari, then ca/dha is an easy
visual confusion.  The "kha" is also easy to explain, since it is often an
alternate form for "ṣa".  In many parts of India, "ṣa" is actually
pronounced "kha".  "Purukha" etc.  So a scribe reading aloud would be
saying a word that more or less sounded identical to /dhaneś<v>arālaṅkāra/
to hearers.  It would be even better if your MS read "canekhorālaṃkāra".



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