Re: [INDOLOGY] 1) King Mānasāhi 2) Dhaneśvarālaṃkāra

Gaia Pintucci gaiapintucci at
Sat Feb 6 19:16:44 UTC 2016

Thank you very much.
Actually my thoughts were going a different way: if one Man Singh could be
recorded as Mānasāhi, this same phenomenon could have occurred in the case
of other Man Singhs.
However, if I am not wrong, there have been more than one Man Singh in
Northern India (for certain reasons I am inclined not too consider Nepal,
although for the moment I can't rule out that this king was from Nepal), so
one does not know exactly where to start digging.
Maybe someone can recommend some (history) books, especially focussing on
the North-West of India?


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