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Fri May 22 15:30:05 UTC 2015

Dear Daniele and Lucas,

Wonderful, thanks a lot for these clarifications.

I hope you'll have a very successful symposium,



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> Dear Arlo, dear colleagues,
> The IIGRS project has reached its seventh season, so to say, and it
> has been interpreted differently in its various incarnations. Just to
> clarify our understanding of its upcoming avatāra and of the word
> 'text' in our call for papers, —and we just mean the understanding of
> the present organizers— a 'text' is to be understood minimally as a
> set of signs that can be read/understood/interpreted, which would
> indeed include art, archeology and obviously inscriptions. A
> different, and probably more felicitous and easily decipherable,
> wording would be 'primary sources', as stated in the Purpose section
> of the website: http://iigrs.byethost17.com/purpose-2/. However, it is
> true that in the bygone avatāras of the symposium, at least as far as
> we remember, the papers have often been focused on the less broadly
> understood category of text. But the final shape of the Leiden
> incarnation will mainly depend on the graduate students and early
> career researchers who will decide to come and discuss their work this
> coming October.
> We hope we have been ecumenical enough,
> yours faithfully,
> Daniele Cuneo & Lucas den Boer
> On 21 May 2015 at 13:25, Arlo Griffiths <arlogriffiths at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Thanks for this initiative. It seems that Indological research here is
> > defined exclusively in terms of the study of texts — or is the exclusion of
> > the study of Hindu, Buddhist or Jaina art and archaeology, to mention just
> > some forms of not primarily textual research that I would consider
> > Indological, not intended? If it is intentional, are inscriptions considered
> > to be texts, or do you mean only transmitted texts? I was about to forward
> > the announcement to a number of French graduate students when I noticed the
> > limitation to "texts". Please clarify.
> >
> > Arlo Griffiths
> > École française d'Extrême-Orient

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