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In Dr. K. K. Geethakumary's Metre in Sanskrit: A study with special reference to Vṛttāvartika of Rāmapāṇivāda, Calicut, Calicut Sanskrit Series no. 30, 2008,
- (pp. 98-99) about the daṇḍaka-type of "metres with more than twentysix syllabes per line" it is said that their names "are determined on the basis of the number of Ragaṇa coming after two Nagaṇas" - so as no. 6, the Līlākāraḥ presents two Nagaṇas and twelve Ragaṇas. Then it is added that in classical literature especially in devotional lyrics and dramas, the upper limit of the number of syllabes has not been prescribed.
- (p. 92) a mattebha-vikrīḍita metre is given but in this case it is a variety of 19 syllabes/each 4 pādas metre. 

Cf. differently for the latter in Anundoram Borooah, A comprehensive grammar of the Sanskrit language, analytical, historical and Lexicographical, vol. 10: Prosody, Calcutta : T.P. Brothers, 1882 (several reprints; available with the DLI) no. 387 (p. 147) where mattebha-vikrīḍita is a variety of 20 syllabes/each 4 pādas metre; the same pp. 159-160 (no. 443) has what you are searching for : the mattamātaṅgalīlākara as a variety of "other  daṇḍaka-s", in which "every foot consists of nine or more middle lights" (with example).

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> Dear list,
> Does anyone have any information on a particular type of dandaka called the Matta-matanga-lilakara?
> It consists of four padas which each start with two na-ganas (u u u) and then an unfixed amount of ra-ganas (- u -). 
> I came across it with reference to the Shyamala Dandaka which falls into this category - although the Shyamala Dandaka has five padas rather than four. I am wondering where the name came from (could it be related to the Matangi of Shyamala Dandaka). I would also be grateful if anyone could tell me of any other dandakas that fall into this category.
> Thank you in advance.
> Venetia
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