[INDOLOGY] Tagore, Aurobindo, and Malhotra

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I would agree except that this thread keeps digging up important side issues. For example, yesterday it became obvious that a clarification of "Fair Use" was in order. Or the earlier instance where reputed scholars were not fully aware of the strictness of the definition of plagiarism.
One thing I've learned from being on lists like these for decades, and even running them, is that there is a huge population who never speaks up. I would guess at least a dozen important scholars were not clear on Fair Use.
As one person said: we're Indologists, not lawyers.
One can always end this thread whenever one wishes by deleting the messages unread. I do this with many more valuable threads here that are just not in my area of interest. There's even software do it automatically.
I'd say I was done with this thread but I've said that to myself before.
A tip: if you want to end a thread, don't end your message by bringing up another issue by mentioning Aurobindo and Tagore!

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Fully agree! This has lasted long enough. But I was always amazed that RajivMalhotra was paired with illustrious and intelligent men like Shri Aurobindo and Tagore. 

andhaµ tama˙ pravißanti ye ‘vidyåm upåsatetato bhËya iva te tamo ya u vidyåyåµ ratå˙ ||B®hadåraˆyaka Upanisad IV.4.10“Those who worship ignorance enter into blind darkness.  Those who are devoted to knowledge enter, as it were, into a greater darkness.” 


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I concur with those who believe that this thread has long outlived its usefulness. 
The positions of all who have contributed are known. 

As a Tibetan friend once said: if you just want to go around in circles, there's more
merit in doing circumambulations.

I think it's time to call a halt.

Matthew Kapstein
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