[INDOLOGY] Speaking of plagiarism: T. G. Mainkar’s Sāṃkhyakārikā

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In 1964, T. G. Mainkar’s translation of the Sāṃkhyakārikā with Gauḍapāda’s
commentary replaced Har Dutt Sharma’s 1933 translation of the same in the
Poona Oriental Series. But was this a new translation made independently by
Mainkar? As comparison will show, Mainkar for the most part gives Sharma’s
translation of Gauḍapāda’s commentary, making only minor changes to the
wording and sometimes weaving in wording from the 1837 Colebrooke/Wilson
translation, while for the verses he often adopts either the
Colebrooke/Wilson translation or the 1930 Suryanarayana Sastri translation,
again making only minor changes to the wording. One result of this is that
the translation terminology used in the verses often does not match the
translation terminology used in the commentary, making it hard to know what
words and phrases of the verses are being explained in what sentences of
the commentary. Mainkar does not state what he has done, and for fifty
years now scholars have been citing and crediting Mainkar’s translation for
what is largely the translation work of others.

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