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Regarding Malhotra and plagiarism, here is Andrew Nicholson's response 
to Malhotra's plagiarism of his book:


On 7/17/2015 8:17 PM, David and Nancy Reigle wrote:
> In 1964, T. G. Mainkar’s translation of the Sāṃkhyakārikā with 
> Gauḍapāda’s commentary replaced Har Dutt Sharma’s 1933 translation of 
> the same in the Poona Oriental Series. But was this a new translation 
> made independently by Mainkar? As comparison will show, Mainkar for 
> the most part gives Sharma’s translation of Gauḍapāda’s commentary, 
> making only minor changes to the wording and sometimes weaving in 
> wording from the 1837 Colebrooke/Wilson translation, while for the 
> verses he often adopts either the Colebrooke/Wilson translation or the 
> 1930 Suryanarayana Sastri translation, again making only minor changes 
> to the wording. One result of this is that the translation terminology 
> used in the verses often does not match the translation terminology 
> used in the commentary, making it hard to know what words and phrases 
> of the verses are being explained in what sentences of the commentary. 
> Mainkar does not state what he has done, and for fifty years now 
> scholars have been citing and crediting Mainkar’s translation for what 
> is largely the translation work of others.
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