[INDOLOGY] Controversy over Indian Science Congress to include panel On Pushpaka Vimanas

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Mon Jan 19 20:30:15 UTC 2015

The journal *History of Science in South Asia* <http://hssa.sayahna.org>
has this to say, when outlining its scope:

We take "science" to be broadly conceived, and to include all forms of
rigorous intellectual activity that adopt at least to some extent a
quantitative and empirical approach, as in the German "Die Wissenschaft,"
that covers most forms of academic scholarship. Theoretical discussions of
the meaning of "science" in the South Asian context are welcome. They
should presuppose some familiarity with topics such as those raised in
sources like Grant, *A History of Natural Philosophy* (2007), Latour,
Life* (1979), Staal, *Concepts of Science in Europe and Asia* (1993, PDF
Shapin, "Science and the Modern World" (2007, PDF
Netz, *The Shaping of Deduction* (2003, PDF of review by Latour
Pollock, "The Languages of Science in Early-Modern India" (in *Forms of
Knowledge in Early Modern Asia
2011), and similar reflective works that explore Global History, the
interpretation of Modernities, and the general meaning of science in the
pre-modern world.

Factual articles reporting discoveries, or interpretative revisions, are
also welcome, as are editions and translations of science texts in the
languages South Asia.

Dominik Wujastyk


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