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Traditionally, texts of the NS type are divided into uddeśa (section), lakṣaṇa (section) and parīkṣā (section). Unless Vācaspati-miśra and Śālikanātha have actually quoted phrases or sentences not found in the lakṣaṇa and parīkṣā sections of the commentandum, there would be no reason to assume that they are going beyond the thought-world of the commentandum (actual in Vācaspati-miśra’s case, contextually presupposed in Śālikanātha’s case).

It is unlikely to be a coincidence that two of the three terms I have mentioned above are found in the terms under discussion. 

Bhartṛ-hari’s presumably lost work or work-part is known as -samuddeśa, not as -parvan.


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> what is the  Parīkṣā-parvan which is referred to several times in the Nyāyavārttikatātparyaṭīkā of Vācaspati Miśra, ad NS I 1 4-5-8-14, 2 15 (together with one Lakṣaṇa-parvan), and II introd. (by searching within the GRETIL input s.v.) and which seems to correspond to the Śābdaparīkṣāparvan referred to in the 6th chapter (Pramāṇa-pārāyaṇa,  pratyakṣa-pariccheda/section) of Śālikanātha's Prakaraṇapañcikā. Could this be referring to a book or section of the commentary on the NS by Uddyotakara, or to a work of Bhartṛhari ?
> Thank you for your help.
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