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Wed Dec 9 12:53:22 UTC 2015

Dear List,

what is the  Parīkṣā-parvan which is referred to several times in the Nyāyavārttikatātparyaṭīkā of Vācaspati Miśra, ad NS I 1 4-5-8-14, 2 15 (together with one Lakṣaṇa-parvan), and II introd. (by searching within the GRETIL input s.v.) and which seems to correspond to the Śābdaparīkṣāparvan referred to in the 6th chapter (Pramāṇa-pārāyaṇa,  pratyakṣa-pariccheda/section) of Śālikanātha's Prakaraṇapañcikā. Could this be referring to a book or section of the commentary on the NS by Uddyotakara, or to a work of Bhartṛhari ?
Thank you for your help.

Christophe Vielle
Christophe Vielle

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