[INDOLOGY] Vessantara-Jataka

Rolf Heinrich Koch rolfheiner.koch at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 09:54:59 UTC 2014

Dear listmembers,
continous paintings of the Vessantara-Jataka murals in Sri Lankan monasteries
depict always an episode which I cannot trace back to Pali-, buddhist Sanskrit or
Tibetean sources.

It is the following episode (picture attached):
the Brahman Jujaka gets for the release of Vessantara's daughter
golden coins accoring to the weight of this girl. The murals depicting
always a balance with Kṛṣṇajalī (the daughter) sitting in one
scale pan, coins are visible the second pan.

Now I could find the description of this part of the mural in the Sinhalese tradition (13th century).
Did anyone came across literal descriptions with a similar content?
Probably in Chinese, Burmese or Siam sources?


(Rolf Heinrich Koch)

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