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Dear list,
A friend of a friend is organising a first hand experience of the upcoming
Godavari Pushkara in Andhra Pradesh for those who are interested.  They are
keen that the event is experienced by as many non-Indians and/or members of
the Indian diaspora as possible. As this invitation may be of interest to
many list members, and their students/colleagues, I am passing the message
on via this list.  Please see the email below for details and contact them

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Subject: Experience pushkara snaanam ritual in the Godavari river in July
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namaste Venetia bhagini,

As I mentioned to you over phone today, I'd like to invite your family to a
special event in July. Please circulate to interested parties as well.

Godavari pushkaras are coming up in July. A pushkara is a once-in-12-year
holy event where a particular river's water gets spiritually charged, and a
river bath during that time is both healing and highly elevating
spiritually. Godavari is one of the 7 most holy rivers of India that goes
through Andhra Pradesh state, the lush green granary of South India.

An organization called Saundarya lahari is arranging to provide the
experience of traditional Indian rituals to interested non-Indians and NRIs
(non-resident Indians). This initiative is taken by my guru varya, Sri
karunaamaya (diiksha naama of Sri Kompella Subba Rao, an accomplished
Sri-vidyaa aachaarya in Rajamundry). His YouTube channel is at

I will send out a formal invitation with the exact dates in a follow-up
mail, but
the program consists of
1) arrangement for a 3-4 day stay in Rajamundry with comfortable
accommodation and local travel.
2) pushkara snaana in a special ghat of the Godavari river during those
days (isolated from the crowd. They are arranging a few VIP passes from the
local govt).
3) First-hand experience performing a short homam (Vedic fire ritual) by
4) introduction to the ritual side of Indian spirituality with its deeper
psychological significance.

They are trying to put an upper limit of 40-50 slots for logistics, and
need confirmation by February 2015 time frame to make all the arrangements.
They're planning to publicize this event in local media to raise awareness
about the respect for Indian traditions among non-Indians.

If you know of any non-Indians and/or NRIs who might be interested, please
forward this message to them and ask them to contact the organization
directly at
srichakra9 at yahoo.com (also Cc'ed).

- Sai.

Venetia Kotamraju
+91 997230 5440

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