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Jo's point is a salient one.
Roland Barthes was right; very little is immune to the voracious appetite of commercializing logic.

There's now eshakti:

And most recently,  True Religion has become an apparel store.


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On Aug 23, 2014, at 17:42, "jo" <gok-8 at spro.net<mailto:gok-8 at spro.net>> wrote:

May I please note the commercialisation of my discipline in the USA, Anthropology, as a fashion shop both online and on-street, as 'Anthropologie'.
It might even have begun in the EU. Its website is coded both in British English and in German. http://www.anthropologie.eu/anthro/index.jsp

Let us hope that the same does not happen to Indologie.

Best wishes,
Joanna Kirkpatrick
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