Re: [INDOLOGY] Siṃhatilakasūri on the Bhuvanadīpaka

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Fri Sep 20 09:35:45 UTC 2013

Dear Ales,

Unfortunately, after checking our lists in the Cambridge collections, I 
have to say that we have only one ms of the mūla, but no ms of the 
vṛtti. Anyway, you find the information you need on p.254a of the sixth 
volume of the New Catalogus Catalogorum. On p. 508 of N. Balbir's 
catalogue of the Jain mss of the British Library, Cat. No. 1401a is 
listed as a ms of Siṃhatilakasūri's ṭīkā, which however seems to have 
disappeared (I was trying to find mss you could easily consult without 
having to travel).

I did not have time to check the VOHD, but I guess it's worth a try 

Camillo Formigatti

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> Dear all,
> I am working on the full translation of the mathematical commentary
> by Si?hatilakas?ri
> (13th CE) on the
> *Ga?itatilaka* by ?r?pati (11th CE).
> . According to Pingree, Si?hatilakas?ri  wrote a v?tti at Vij?pur 
> (Gujarat)
> in 1269 on the jyoti?a-work *Bhuvanad?paka* by Padmaprabhas?ri.
>  I wonder if anyone knows  whether such commentary has ever been 
> published
> or if it is possible to locate the manuscripts.
> Thank you very much in advance,
>  sincerely,
> Alessandra.

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