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Many years ago (1980s), David Allport did an MA thesis on the Bhuvanadīpaka
at Oxford.  He did a critical edition of the text based on MSS in the
Chandra Shum Shere collection, plus maybe some photocopies supplied by
David.  I imagine there's a copy of his work in the Bodleian.  His
introduction might give you some information about Siṃhatilakasūri's vṛtti,
though I'm only guessing.

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On 18 September 2013 22:03, Ales Petrocchi <pahitatta at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am working on the full translation of the mathematical commentary  by Siṃhatilakasūri
> (13th CE) on the
> *Gaṇitatilaka* by Śrīpati (11th CE).
> . According to Pingree, Siṃhatilakasūri  wrote a vṛtti at Vijāpur
> (Gujarat) in 1269 on the jyotiṣa-work *Bhuvanadīpaka* by Padmaprabhasūri.
>  I wonder if anyone knows  whether such commentary has ever been published
> or if it is possible to locate the manuscripts.
> Thank you very much in advance,
>  sincerely,
> Alessandra.
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