[INDOLOGY] GOS edition of Udbhaṭa's Kāvyālaṃkārasārasaṃgraha

Whitney Cox wmcox at uchicago.edu
Wed Sep 18 21:02:36 UTC 2013

Dear colleagues,

I would be very grateful if anyone in possession of a scanned copy of
Ramaswami Sastri's edition of Udbhaṭa's Kāvyālaṃkārasārasaṃgraha, no. 55 in
the Gaekwad's Oriental Series, the edition with the vivṛti of Rājānaka
Tilaka, would be willing to share it.  It is not available on Archive.org
(though the NSP edition is) or on Google Books, and the DLI seems to be
experiencing technical difficulties.

Thanks and best,


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