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There may be regional variations and overlaps but in Maharashtra they are (according to one dictionary, with approximate translations):

taamba.ta 'coppersmith,'
paatharava.ta 'stone-cutter,'
lohaara 'ironsmith, 
sutaara 'carpenter,'
sonaara, 'goldsmith, 
kaasaara 'bangle-maker &/or seller,'
kumbhaara 'potter, 
gurava ' local non-brahmin priest,'
dhanagara 'sheep-keeper.'
gava.lii 'milkaman,'
vaa.nii 'grocery merchant,'
ko.s.tii 'weaver,'
citaarii 'painter (= picture artist?),''
maa.lii 'flower-grower &/or seller,'
telii 'oilman,'
ra:ngaarii 'painter  (of walls etc.).

If Deva.n.na-bha.tta is an author from Maharashtra-Karnataka area, his intended list should be largely similar, although his rajaka, if intended in the sense 'washerman,' as distinct from 'one who colors cloth (with indigo etc.)', is not there. In the other sense, it could be covered by ra:ngaarii or citaarii .

I would be interested in knowing any different explanations or listings you get. 


On 2013-10-05, at 12:12 PM, Patrick Olivelle wrote:


Devaṇṇabhaṭṭa in his Smṛticandrikā (Mysore edition, p. 40; Gharpure ed. p. 18) commenting on the term śreṇi says:

śreṇyo rajakādyaṣṭādaśahīnajātayaḥ |

Does anyone know the identity of these eighteen lower castes? Thanks.

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