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Dear colleagues,

Has anyone been to Balrampur <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balrampur> in
UP?  I am interested in possible Sanskrit MS collections there.  There's a
famous list of manuscripts made in about 1880 by Rajarama Shastri of the
2744 manuscripts belonging formerly to Pandit Radhakrishna of Lahore.
Aufrecht's "*Rādh*."  There's some
evidence<http://www.istb.univie.ac.at/nyaya/materials/45>that these
manuscripts may have moved to the Maharaja's collection in

Can anyone throw any light on Balrampur, from personal experience?

Does anyone have a connection to the present Maharaja, who is, I believe,
Maharaja Dharmendra Pratap Singh?

Many thanks,

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