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One expression caught my eye here: You catch and hand over fugitives. Can
this be right? Is this something that was socially condemned?

jonathan silk

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> Thanks to everyone who helped with the mystery palm-leave MS from a month
> or so ago. I finally tracked down a native speaker who kindly provided this
> translation:
> Rough oral translation of Singala ‘ola’ manuscript
> You keep cats but you don’t feed them. You beat and kill your parents. You
> snatch other people’s property. You are stingy with your own property, but
> you find fault with others. You take oaths but you tell lies. You catch and
> kill fish even though you don’t eat them. You slander servants and clergy.
> You find fault with the dharma. You whitewash doctrines and tell lies. You
> find fault with others and cause friction between people. You catch and
> hand over fugitives. You misrepresent what people say and fight with them.
> You cause conflict between relations, brothers and sisters. You drink
> alcohol and kill animals. You listen to sermons and go to the temple but do
> bad things. You are lazy and do not give food to others, but get them to
> work for you. With all these sins you will fall into Hell. On full moon
> days you kill fish. If you do this, every hour you will be born again and
> will become ashes. You tie up cattle and make them suffer. For 100000 years
> these people will suffer in saṁsāra. You don’t give away your left-over
> food. With these sins you will be stuck in Hell. Every hour your body will
> be sliced and you will die. Your mind will always be in fear. Within one
> hour you will be born again. All the time you will have an angry mind and
> you will suffer for three kalpas.
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