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Thanks to everyone who helped with the mystery palm-leave MS from a month or so ago. I finally tracked down a native speaker who kindly provided this translation:

Rough oral translation of Singala ‘ola’ manuscript

You keep cats but you don’t feed them. You beat and kill your parents.
You snatch other people’s property. You are stingy with your own property, but
you find fault with others. You take oaths but you tell lies. You catch and
kill fish even though you don’t eat them. You slander servants and clergy. You
find fault with the dharma. You whitewash doctrines and tell lies. You find
fault with others and cause friction between people. You catch and hand over
fugitives. You misrepresent what people say and fight with them. You cause
conflict between relations, brothers and sisters. You drink alcohol and kill
animals. You listen to sermons and go to the temple but do bad things. You are
lazy and do not give food to others, but get them to work for you. With all
these sins you will fall into Hell. On full moon days you kill fish. If you do
this, every hour you will be born again and will become ashes. You tie up
cattle and make them suffer. For 100000 years these people will suffer in saṁsāra.
You don’t give away your left-over food. With these sins you will be stuck in
Hell. Every hour your body will be sliced and you will die. Your mind will
always be in fear. Within one hour you will be born again. All the time you
will have an angry mind and you will suffer for three kalpas.

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