[INDOLOGY] Last Call for papers for a Frits Staal Memorial volume

George Thompson gthomgt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 22:42:47 UTC 2013

Dear List,

Here is a last call for papers for a Staal memorial volume.  The date for
paper submissions is October 15, 2013.  We anticipate a publication date of
October 2014.

Here is a stylesheet for the volume:

• MS Word,
• Unicode compliant font,
• standard diacritics,
• loose definition of loan words (dharma, nirvana, sutra, etc. not needing
either diacritics or italics, for example)
• footnotes (not run-in except for textual references such as to
chapter/verse of a Veda)
• full bibliographic information in first citation, short form thereafter
(author, short title, page number)--as per Chicago Manual of Style
• for so diverse a selection, do you think we should have a comprehensive
bibliography? I'd lean toward No, but you may have different ideas

3,500 to 10,000 words, though I can see that there might be some reason for
flexibility on this (but some authors can be prolix without being
informative, hence maybe firmer on the upper limit than the lower

subject matters:
I would think that it would be necessary to tie the essays directly to one
of Frits' own areas of study: linguistics and Indian linguistic theories,
Indian logic, comparative philosophy (his dissertation), Vedic studies,
ritual studies, and, of course, our favorite surprise piece:
numismatics--though there may be others??

Best wishes,

George Thompson and Richard Payne

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