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Using Harvard Kyoto transliteration:  kSIra can mean milk, milky sap, water or a milk dish. The Hindi word KhIr for rice pudding comes from this word.



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I believe khir is Skt kshira (I haven't figured out how to do diacriticals on Indology yet).

Other examples of Bengali simplifying Sanskrit consonant clusters, specifically ksh to kh:

Parikshit -- Parikhit

Kshetra -- Khetra

Bengali also sometimes simplifies Skt consonant clusters by adding a vowel:  bhakta -- bhakata


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Dear Howard Resnik,
>Please don't mind my question, but I wonder if the Urdu/Hindi term—khir-- for sweet rice milk "pudding", what the Bangalis prefer to call payesh,  descends from ksir(oda, --adhi, etc). The Urdu term pronunciation, khir, would be the way the Sanskrit would be pronounced in Bangla………yes?
>Or am I off base?
>Joanna Kirkpatrick
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>I would appreciate help with the following:
>The Puranas describe Sveta-dvipa, "White Island", an abode of Vishnu lying within the Milk Ocean (ksiroda, ksiradhi, ksira-sagara).
>Tri-kuta mountain is also said to be surrounded by the Milk Ocean.
>Is there any Puranic description of the location of Sveta-dvipa in relation to Tri-kuta?
>Howard Resnick
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