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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
My research at present obliges me to check a Sanskrit manuscript against a Pali version of the 'same' text.  While there are many freely available online databases of the Pali Tipitaka (this age of technology is truly a wonderful time to be alive!), I have been using the Pali Text Society's editions for citation purposes.  Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there is no digital version of the PTS Tipitaka one can search and copy/paste from for citation.  I asked the folk at the PTS if they make digital versions of their publications available (a PDF or something) and their response was that they do not.  I assume that this is to protect their intellectual property, which is perfectly reasonable.  Still, such a thing would be most useful to scholars.  
Has anyone ever set out to make a digital version of any of the Pali Text Society's editions from the Tipitaka?  Perhaps someone has typed up various texts into Word or text files or PDFs?  If anyone has, would be much obliged if they would be willing to share it with me.  I am most in need of the Dīgha Nikāya but would be appreciative of anything.  
I guess a corollary question to this topic would be, is such a thing even legal, strictly speaking?  I am of the mind that any digitalized versions of the PTS texts would be used by scholars for research and cited accordingly, thus constituting fair use.  However, if anyone has any insights on this regarding copyright law, I would be keen to hear.
Thanks in advance for any help!Charlie
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