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This discussion, I am afraid, reveals that we a bit out of touch.  Along 
those lines, I was trying to remember the name "Forest of Bliss," and so did 
a quick google search for "Varanasi documentaries."  A stunning array of 
films appeared, many available on you tube, and many apparently made by 
young film makers.

Also, not on the plane of a documentary, but the most successful film 
showing I ever had in a South Asian studies class was the 1975 film "Jai 
Santoshi Maa."  I intended to show just a bit of it, but the students were 
captivated, and so we watched the entire film.  It also led to a tremendous 

Herman Tull
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One of my favorites, though now a tad dated, is the BBC film "The Fourth 
Stage," which documents the deliberations of a retired Deccan Herald editor 
as he tries to decide whether he should follow a family tradition and take 
samnyasa in his old age.  Included is his pilgrimage to Srngeri (where he 
has an interview the Sankaracarya) and Banaras (where he observes a ritual 
initiation into samnyasa), as well as a fascinating discussion with his 
family ("We're all against your idea!).  Now available on DVD. See:



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