Comparison of Buddhist and Hindu literary sources

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As for the French Indian & Buddhist Studies, a relevant discussion,
continuing Madeleine Biardeau's work on the the Epics (especially of 1999 &
2002), you may find in Jean-Pierre Osier's long introduction to his
translation of the Vessantarajataka (Paris: Cerf, 2010).

In a 2009 study of earthquakes in Indian Buddhist sources and a
forthcoming second part which would benefit from the recent issue of RoSA on
this topic, I compare several stock expressions relating earthquakes to
heroes (birth, death, exceptional agency, etc.), which perhaps underline
polemics of cosmic status in Buddhist and Hindu sources. In his *A Bull of a
Man *(Harvard 2009), John Powers discussed bold expressions like rsabha,
jinarsabha u. Verw.: however, all these seem to be much more frequent in the
Epics than in Buddhist early sources. A forthcoming French book by Ronan
Moreau will also show the functioning of animal comparison in the Epics,
which have many echoes in Pali/BH Sanskrit/Gandhari sources.

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> James Hegarty wrote:
> >I am looking for explicitly comparative studies relating
> >to Sanskrit and Pali sources (preferably of narrative materials) ...
> You may see my article "Of Similes and Metaphors in Buddhist Philosophical
> Literature - Poetic Semblance through Mythic Allusion" in Bulletin of SOAS
> 73.3, 2010, pp. 479-502.
> There you will find some cross-references between Buddhist Pali/Sanskrit
> and Hindu literature concerning the trope of the hamsarajan-bird (the
> article's general topic) and, more specifically, in fn. 21 you will find
> parallels listed for the various Buddhist and Hindu stories of a king's
> recognition of a bastard son with or without the plot device of a
> signet-rign (as, e.g., seen in Kalidasa's Abhijnanasakuntala).
> Sincerely,
> Tim
> Dr. Ulrich Timme Kragh
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