Comparison of Buddhist and Hindu literary sources

James Hegarty hegartyjm at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 7 11:43:52 UTC 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I recently completed a short comparative analysis of the way in which  
the past is constructed in the Dīghanikāya and the Mahābhārata  
(part of my newly published monograph, which I announced on the list  
only a few days ago).

I now wish to take the comparison of Buddhist and Hindu literary  
sources in Sanskrit and Pali further.

I am aware of work in Mahābhārata Studies in this area (most notably  
that of Greg Bailey and Alf Hiltebeitel), but would be grateful for  
suggestions of further reading (especially from the Buddhological side  
of things). I am looking for explicitly comparative studies relating  
to Sanskrit and Pali sources (preferably of narrative materials), but  
also any archaeological, epigraphical or art historical studies that  
may provide interesting data (particularly in terms of inter-religious  
rivalry). I know this topic is hopelessly vast, and my own search for  
materials will be ongoing, but recommendations from colleagues (of  
their own work or that of others) would be most helpful!

Best Wishes,

James Hegarty
Cardiff University

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