working emails for BORI, Baroda?

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The present secretary of BORI is Dr Maitreyee Deshpande. I do not have her personal email address, but I have her Facebook email: <maitreyee.deshpande at>

Alternately, one can contact Dr Shreenanda Bapat who is the assistant curator in BORI, on his email: <shreenandbapat at>

BORI Contact numbers are:

020-25661363 (Secretary)
020-25656932 (Office)

Dr Mukund Wadekar's recent email is: <mlwadekar2008 at>

I hope that helps.

Best wishes.
Mrinal Kaul

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> The most recent email for BORI, given to me by Dr. GU Thite this past summer, is: bori at
> My best,
> Steven
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> Dear all,
> The email address on BORI's website<>, bori1 at<mailto:bori1 at>, doesn't work.
> Similarly, most parts of the website of the Oriental Institute in Baroda <> do not function.  Nor does the email for its director, Professor Wadekar, mlwadekar at<mailto:mlwadekar at>.
> Does anyone have confirmed, recent contact email details for these two august institutions?
> Thanks,
> Dominik

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