Tsukamoto, Matsunaga &c., Bongo butte n no kenky ū, ... Sanskrit Buddhist literature

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dear Richard,

They were never published, and never will be, as far I know. There was some
talk--I have not confirmed this, so treat it as perfect rumor only!--that
the publisher took the ministry money intended for these publications and
used it elsewhere. One would expect that if that were the case they would
have been prosecuted, but...
Again as far as I know, the only material from the other volumes available
is that on avadana produced by Okano Kiyoshi, who some long years ago very
generously posted his materials on a website:
http://homepage3.nifty.com/indology/ (needless to say this is in Japanese,
but ever for those who do not read Japanese the footnotes might be useful).
This material is however quite out of date, and that which had been
prepared for the other volumes would also now need serious revision (if it
ever existed in completed form, that is). It would be an excellent idea to
explore whether the prepared contributions could be posted even as is,
however, and I would be more than happy to help with such an effort.

Cordially, Jonathan

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> [Apologies for cross posting]
> Dear All,
> I have volumes III and IV of Matsunaga &c. sitting in front of me but
> would also very much like to have access to the other three, I, II,
> and V. The link at the bottom suggests that there are various complete
> holdings in Japan but I am unable to find a complete set outside. Does
> anyone know of a non-Japanese institution that holds all five?
>  Main Title:            Bongo butten no kenkyū / Tsukamoto Keishō,
>  Matsunaga Yūkei, Isoda Hirofumi hencho.
>  Main Title:     Descriptive bibliography of the Sanskrit Buddhist
>  literature.
>  Published/Created:     Kyōto : Heirakuji Shoten, <1989-199.2.>
>  Indica et Buddhica - Catalogus
>  Server Data: Japanese Academic Union (NACSIS-CAT).
>  Your query Title = Descriptive bibliography of the Sanskrit Buddhist ...
>  http://bit.ly/u1wpSS
> Kind regards,
>  Richard
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