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Dear Professor Jha and colleagues,

My doctoral thesis is on poison and antivenom remedies, though not limited to the ancient period.  Your student can see my website and blog at <http://www.garudam.com/> for an introduction to my research.  I have also collected quite a lot of secondary sources which I can forward on to anyone interested.  If by ancient she means Vedic, the secondary sources are fewer.  If we include Ayurveda and early Tantra, the number of sources grow significantly.

All the best,

Michael Slouber
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UC Berkeley

On Jun 28, 2011, at 7:22 AM, DN Jha wrote:

> Dear List,
> One of my former students is seeking bibliographic information on 
> poisons and their treatment in ancient India. Since I am familiar with literature on the subject I am giving below her request for help:
>  "I am looking for material for a paper on poisons, anti-venom drugs and treatment in ancient India. I haven't come across too many secondary writings on this." 
> DNJ 
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