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My book _The Roots of Ayurveda_ contains a translation of the first two
chapters from the kalpasthana of the Susrutasamhita that deal with with
attempts at poisoning a king and with poisons of vegetable origin.  In the
introduction, I discuss the history of poisoning in India, the Venomous
Virgin, and the spread in the medieval ME and Europe of Indian poison texts
such as the pseudo-Canakya "Kitab al-Sumum," and the Venomous Virgin motif
especially through through the Arabic Kitab Sir al-Asrar, the Latin Secretum
Secretorum, and the popular Gesta Romanorum.


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> Dear List,
> One of my former students is seeking bibliographic information on
> poisons and their treatment in ancient India. Since I am familiar with
> literature on the subject I am giving below her request for help:
>  "I am looking for material for a paper on poisons, anti-venom drugs and
> treatment in ancient India. I haven't come across too many secondary
> writings on this."
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