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Dear Professor Jha,

This piece, called "Poison Damsels", does treat of poison more  
generally than the literary motif indicated in the title. Written by  
N.M. Penzer, it's actually Appendix 3 to Volume 2 of N.M. Penzer's  
1924 re-presentation of C.H. Tawney's 1880 translation of the  
KathAsaritsAgara, entitled Ocean of Story. Penzer reworked Tawney's 2  
vol. translation into a 10 volume set with multiple indexes, story  
lists, folk-lore motif lists, and essays on miscellaneous topics.

I'm putting a pdf of "Poison Damsels" in the file-sharing website  
Dropbox - try this link and let me know if you can't access it. I'm  
afraid it's a large file and may open slowly. I believe I printed it  
into pdf from a larger file encompassing more (or all) of Volume 2  
from archive.org.


Good luck,
Michael Brattus Jones
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University of Texas in Austin

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Dear List,
One of my former students is seeking bibliographic information on
poisons and their treatment in ancient India. Since I am familiar with  
literature on the subject I am giving below her request for help:
  "I am looking for material for a paper on poisons, anti-venom drugs  
and treatment in ancient India. I haven't come across too many  
secondary writings on this."
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