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 Dear Colleagues,

Please excuse me for mentioning a new publication to which I have
contributed. A two-panel gathering was held in October 2010 at the 39th
Annual South Asia Conference in Madison, WI that was conceived to coincide
with the roughly half a century since the completion of the Pune Critical
Edition of the *Mahabharata*. Seven of the papers from that conference have
been updated and comprise, along with an Introduction, the latest issue of
the *Journal of Vaishnava Studies* 19,2 (2011) under the overall heading
"Mahabharata Conference." The contents are:

Vishwa P. Adluri, Introduction: The Critical Edition and Its Critics, A
Retrospective on Mahabharata Scholarship

T. P. Mahadevan, The Three Rails of the Mahabharata Text Tradition

Christopher Austin, Evaluating the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata:
Inferential Mileage and the Apparatus Materials

Alf Hitebeitel, On Sukthankar's 'S" and Some Shortsighted Assessments and
Uses of the Pune Critical Edition (CE)

Joydeep Bagchee, Inversion, Krsnafication, Brahmanization: The Explanatory
Force of Some Extraordinary Figures of Speech

Vishwa P. Adluri, Frame Narratives and Forked Beginnings: Or, How to Read
the Adiparvan

Wendy J. Phillips-Rodriguez, The Critical Edition: The End of Mahabharata
Textual Scholarship?

Simon Brodbeck, Analytic and Synthetic Approaches in the Light of the
Critical Edition of the Mahabharata and Harivamsa

Alf Hiltebeitel
Department of Rreligoin
George Washington University
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