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Subject: Perso-Indica Visiting Fellowships at the Sorbonne Nouvelle


*Perso-Indica Visiting Fellowships at the Sorbonne Nouvelle*

The Perso-Indica Visiting Fellowships are offered at the Institut
d’Etudes Iraniennes
(IEI) of the Sorbonne Nouvelle University with the support of the research
group «Mondes iranien et indien» (UMR 7528) and the Fondation Colette
Caillat of the Institut de France. The positions are open to outstanding
senior and promising younger scholars from any country working on a research
topic which can constitute an original and important contribution to the
Perso-Indica project. Perso-Indica is a long term project, the purpose of
which is to set up a comprehensive Critical Survey of Persian Works on
Indian Learned Traditions, encompassing the treatises and translations
produced between the 13th and the 19th century (for further details see:
http://www.perso-indica.net/). *Perso-Indica* is based in Paris (Sorbonne
Nouvelle-UMR 7528) and was launched in 2010 thanks to the financial support
of the Institut Français de Recherche en Iran (Tehran) and the Iran Heritage
Foundation (London). In addition, from 2011 onwards, it is supported by the
research funds of the programme «CNRS - Higher Education Chairs», Iranian
studies chair at the Sorbonne Nouvelle – UMR 7528 «Mondes iranien et indien»

* *

Each Visiting Fellowship is for a period of 1 month. Two Fellowships are
available during the academic year 2011-2012. The fellowships do not offer a
salary but they offer accommodation and a substantial contribution to travel
and living expenses.

- The Visiting Fellow will be accommodated in the apartment of the Fondation
Colette Caillat. The apartment is located at Sèvres in the Résidence du Parc

- Contribution to travel expenses: up to € 300  for scholars travelling from
Europe; up to € 700 for scholars travelling from USA and Asia.

- Contribution to living expenses in Paris. The Visiting Fellow will receive
a contribution for meals at the rates applied by French institutions, i.e. €
915 for thirty days.

- Fellows will be offered an office space at the IEI located in central
Paris in the building of the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

One fellowship should be held in February or March 2012, starting
1stFebruary or 1
st March. The second fellowship should be held between May and June and
allow the fellow to take part to the Perso-Indica conference held in early
June in Paris.

Complete applications should be submitted by 30 September 2011.

The Call for applications and the Application form can be downloaded from

We would be grateful if you could post the announcement at your institution
and circulate it, also via email, among colleagues and scholars who you
think would be qualified and interested in applying for the fellowships.

Kind regards,

Fabrizio Speziale


Fabrizio Speziale

Iranian studies chair

Département d’études arabes, hébraïques, indiennes et iraniennes (EAHII)

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

13, rue Santeuil, 75231 Paris, Cedex 05.

Email: fabrizio.speziale at univ-paris3.fr

Website: http://www.univ-paris3.fr/etudes-iraniennes.

* *

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