religious embryology in India

Vanessa Sasson, Dr. vanessa.sasson at MCGILL.CA
Fri Jan 28 16:57:11 UTC 2011

to add to the wonderfully growing list of sources being suggested for this query, i might add that i am in the process of completing an edited volume on the theme of children/childhood and buddhism. it will be published by oxford, probably in the fall of 2012. there are about 20 contributions touching on various themes. i can forward more information to you if you are interested.

vanessa r. sasson

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] religious embryology in India

Dear all,

I'm searching for publications (or any other academic input), which deal or touch upon the topic of religious attitudes, rituals etc. concerning conception/ embryonal development/ birth and early childhood in India (past or present).
I would be absolutely grateful for any hint or advice.

Andrey Klebanov

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