religious embryology in India

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Dear Andrey,
Here are some more possible sources:

Bizot, Francois. “'La grotte de la
naissance', Recherches sur le bouddhisme khmer II.” BEFEO 57 (1980): 222-73.

Kritzer, Robert. “Childbirth and the Mother's Body in the
Abhidharmakośabhāṣya and Related Texts.” Indo tetsugaku bukkyō shisō ron shū:
Mikogami Eshōkyōju shōju kinen ronshū (2004): 1085-1109.

———. “Life in the Womb: Conception and Gestation in
Buddhist Scripture and Classical Indian Medical Literature.” In Imagining
the Fetus : the Unborn in Myth, Religion, and Culture, edited by Vanessa Sasson and Jane
Marie Law, 73-90. New York: Oxford Unversity Press, 2009.

———. “The Four Ways of Entering the Womb (garbhāvakrānti).”
Bukkyō Bunka 10
(2000): 1-41.

Langenberg, Amy Paris. “Like Worms Falling From a
Foul-Smelling Sore: The Buddhist Rhetoric of Childbirth in an Early Mahāyāna Sūtra.”
New York: Columbia University, 2008.

Smith, Frederick. “Narrativity and Empiricism in Classical
Indian Accounts of Birth and Death: The Mah̐ābh̐ārata and the Samhit̐as of
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Also, the "Garbhāvakrāntyavadāna" in:Kṣemendra. Bodhi Sattvāvadāna Kalpalatā : A Buddhist Sanskrit work on the Exploits and glories of Buddha, with its Tibetan version. Edited by Sarat Chandra Das and Pandit Hari Mohan Vidyabhushana. Calcutta, 1888.
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> Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 19:22:16 +0100
> From: andra.kleb at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
> Subject: [INDOLOGY] religious embryology in India
> Dear all, 
> I'm searching for publications (or any other academic input), which deal or touch upon the topic of religious attitudes, rituals etc. concerning conception/ embryonal development/ birth and early childhood in India (past or present). 
> I would be absolutely grateful for any hint or advice. 
> best,
> Andrey Klebanov 

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