Burgess: Tamil and Sanskrit Inscriptions

Lubin, Tim lubint at WLU.EDU
Sun Jan 2 16:34:39 UTC 2011

If anyone has access to the following, exceedingly rare volume (so it seems), please contact me off-list -- a scan would be fantastic.  I have been surprised at how elusive it is:

  Burgess, James. 1886.
  Tamil and Sanskrit inscriptions, with some notes on village antiquities, collected chiefly in the south of the Madras presidency.

Interlibrary Loan has failed because the only copies to be found are either too fragile to be sent or the library flatly refused.  Google Books has two listings, but no preview, let alone full PDF, even though the book is ancient and never reprinted.  DLI and Internet Archive have nothing, either.  The book is not even in the IFP library when I checked there.


Tim Lubin
Washington and Lee University
lubint at wlu.edu

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