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Am 21.04.2011 14:01, schrieb (Maitreya) Borayin Larios:
> In my fieldwork on the Vedic schools of Maharashtra, the following 
> verse was given to me by a vaidika describing the recitational 
> permutations of the Veda.
> /jaṭā mālā //śikhā //rekh//ā //dhvajo //daṇḍo//ratho ghana//ḥ//
> ityaṣṭo vikṛti proktaḥ kramapūrva maharṣibhiḥ/
> When asked about the textual source, the vaidika wasn't able to 
> produce a textual reference. He only said it was a quite popular 
> verse. I haven't been able to trace it back yet. Does anybody know in 
> which text this verse might be found?
The verse is cited in Maheśvara's commentary on Amarakośa, Kāṇḍa 1, 
śabdādivarga, verse 4 (p. 35 of the edition Bombay 1907). The 
commentator does not give a source for this quotation.

hope it helps
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