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Dear list

In my fieldwork on the Vedic schools of Maharashtra, the following verse was
given to me by a vaidika describing the recitational permutations of the

*jaṭā mālā **śikhā **rekh**ā **dhvajo **daṇḍo** ratho ghana**ḥ**
ityaṣṭo vikṛti proktaḥ kramapūrva maharṣibhiḥ*

When asked about the textual source, the vaidika wasn't able to produce a
textual reference. He only said it was a quite popular verse. I haven't been
able to trace it back yet. Does anybody know in which text this verse might
be found?

Thank you all for your responses and happy Easter!
Borayin M. Larios

(Maitreya) Borayin Larios
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