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The verse occurs in several of the Vikṛti works collected in K. V.
Abbhyankar and G. V. Devasthali, *Vedavikṛtilakṣaṇa-Saṃgraha (a collection
of twelve tracts on Vedavikṛtis and allied topics)* (Poona: BORI, 1978).


   - 1. Vyāḍikṛtā Vikṛtivallī v.5 (of 28 verses total), and discussed in the
   commentary on this work, Vikṛtikaumudī, by Gaṅgādharabhaṭṭācārya.
   - Aṣṭavikṛtilakṣaṇāni, v. 1.  Unique MS copied in AD 1904.
   -  Jaṭāpaṭalakārikāvyākhyā, v.2.  Unique undated MS (therefore to be
   assumed to be early 19th century).
   - Hayagrīvakṛtaṃ Jaṭāpaṭalam and commentaries - generally not mentioned.
   - Madhusūdanamaskarin's Aṣṭavikṛtivivṛti, verse 3.   Datable MSS of this
   work from AD 1790 onwards.
   - Kauṇḍinyaśikṣā - no.
   - Kramapaṭala - no.
   - Ṛkprātiśākhya 3 with Uvaṭa - no.
   - Jayantasvāmin's Svarāṅkuśa - no.

So, the general picture is that there are roughly three main traditions of
these texts.  Those derived from a Vyāḍi, those named after Hayagrīva, and
those associated with Prātiśākhya and śikṣā texts.  The verse in question
occurs in the first tradition, and not in the others.

Abhyankar and Devasthali's claims that this Vyāḍi is the ancient authority
mentioned in the Mahābhāṣya are to be discounted.


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On 21 April 2011 14:01, (Maitreya) Borayin Larios <shrimaitreya at>wrote:

> Dear list
> In my fieldwork on the Vedic schools of Maharashtra, the following verse
> was given to me by a vaidika describing the recitational permutations of the
> Veda.
> *jaṭā mālā **śikhā **rekh**ā **dhvajo **daṇḍo** ratho ghana**ḥ**
> ityaṣṭo vikṛti proktaḥ kramapūrva maharṣibhiḥ*
> When asked about the textual source, the vaidika wasn't able to produce a
> textual reference. He only said it was a quite popular verse. I haven't been
> able to trace it back yet. Does anybody know in which text this verse might
> be found?
> Thank you all for your responses and happy Easter!
> Best,
> Borayin M. Larios
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