A.B. Keith article in JRAS 1907

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Dear List, 

I have gotten several very quick offlist replies -- for which I am grateful to all of you-- asking for more information.  I can refer to Macdonell  & Keirh, Vedic Index, s.v. maa.n.duukeya which cites Scheftelowitz, Die Apokryphen des Rgveda, which I have, but which is not very specific, so not very helpful.  The Vedic Index article is typically elliptical of them, giving no title to the original article.  Vedic Studies was aimed at a very closed club even then as it still is now. 

Scheftelowiitz cites Weber, Ind. St. III.253, which I also do not have acess to.    

But I have had access to Madhav Deshpande's very helpful discussion of the Mandukeyas in his classic essay on Retroflexion in the RV, as well as his notes on the Mandukeyas in his HOS book on the AV pratisakhas, which I have at hand as well.  But I want more than these references given  by him, if any more are available. 

I think that RV 7.103 is a very interesting hymn, because it has been so much commented on by modern scholars, whereas it is completely ignored by later Vedic tradition - except for its first stanza, which was intended to link it with Parjanya mythology, with which, I think, it has nothing to do. 

George Thompson 

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