Crows_Ravens in Indian Culture

Jan Filipský filipsky at RZONE.CZ
Fri Oct 29 08:41:12 UTC 2010

Dear All,

I already addressed this List some time ago in connection with "crow lore"
(divination based on observing the flight of crows - vayasavidya) in India /
South Asia and gratefully received several valuable inputs.

In continuation of my query, I ask any knowledgeable colleague kindly to
supply (perhaps off-list)  possible textual references to the crow (raven)
bearing the secret of the origin of things (being itself created out of the
primeval chaos) and the secret of hell (since it dwelt for many aeons in the
infernal realms) - see, B. Walker, Hindu World, MRML 1983. 

Any visual representations of crows in Indian art?

Last but not least, there are 3 references to Krähe (174, 213, 515) in the
Index to the Wörterbuch der mittelalterlichen indischen Alchemie by Oliver
Hellwig (eJIM Supplement 2), Barkhuis 2009. Could anybody who has easy
access to this resource supply (off-list) the respective extracts.

With many thanks,

Jan Filipsky 

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