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Lienhard, Siegfried: Lucky Numbers in Ancient Indian Literature, in:  
Langue, style et structure dans le monde indien. Centenaire de Louis  
Renou. Actes du Colloque international (Paris, 25 –27 janvier 1996),  
édités par Nalini Balbir et Georges-Jean Pinault avec la collaboration  
de Jean Fezas. Paris 1996. (Bibliothèque de l’École des Hautes Études,  
Sciences Historiques et philologiques, 334), p. 523– 536.

Martin Straube

Zitat von Peter Wyzlic <pwyzlic at UNI-BONN.DE>:

> Am 18.10.2010 um 22:57 schrieb Herman Tull:
>> I apologize if this question is a terribly ignorant one, but I was  
>> wondering if there is any scholarly literature or any discussion of  
>> the significance of the Indic "18" (dominant in the  
>> Mahabharata--books, days of war, etc., etc., and then reiterated in  
>> the Puranas in the so-called "major" and "minor" books denotation).  
>>  This has long seemed to me to be some sort of convenient fiction  
>> used to tie up loose ends (not unlike the twelve disciples of Jesus  
>> recalling the twelve tribes of Israel).  However, as I sat in an  
>> introductory Buddhism lecture today, and was reminded about the  
>> famed 18 schools of the Mahasanghika(s), I started to think, there  
>> might be a bit more (or, perhaps no more at all).  Thanks.
> There is an older article by Otto Stein:
> Stein, Otto: The numeral 18, in: Poona Orientalist 1 (1936), p. 1-37  
> and a short sequel, Stein, Otto: Additional notes on the numeral 18,  
> in: Poona Orientalist 2 (1937), p. 164-165 (both repr. in Otto  
> Stein: Kleine Schriften / ed. by Friedrich Wilhelm. - Stuttgart :  
> Steiner, 1985, pp. 515 seqq.).
> Hope it helps
> Peter Wyzlic
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