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Peter Scharf peter_scharf at BROWN.EDU
Thu May 13 20:09:16 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues,
	I am happy to announce that we have hired Dr. Matthias Ahlborn of  
Cologne, Germany in the position of post-doctoral research associate  
in the Sankrit library project in the Classics Department at Brown  
University.  Dr. Ahlborn comes to us with a unique combination of  
expertise in Sanskrit and computational skills.  He obtained his  
doctorate in Indology at the University of Würzurg with a computer  
aided Critical Edition and Translation of the  
Pratijñāyaugandharāyaṇa in 2007 and has since then taught Sanskrit  
and Indian Philosophy there.  He worked for several years on the Bhāsa- 
Project, properly titled, "Würzburger Multimediale Datenbank zum  
	I am very pleased to have him join the Sanskrit library project at  
	Peter Scharf

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