Extended deadline for PhD and Post-doc positions: Buddhism and Social Justice

Jonathan Silk kauzeya at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 11 17:34:41 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues:

This was sent out some time ago, but  the deadline has been extended, and I
have made explicit the flexibility in the positions.

I have been fortunate enough to receive funding from the Dutch National
Science Foundation (NWO) for a project on "Buddhism and Social Justice." Now
comes the task of finding PhD students and a post-doc to collaborate in this

Since the fields range from Sri Lanka to Japan to Tibet to Korea, I truly
need the help of colleagues and friends to make known these opportunities
and to bring them to the attention of qualified candidates. May I ask your
help in this?

Here are two web links with the shorter and then the full project


If you know of anyone who might be qualified, or have suggestions of names
of those to whom I should send this information, I would be very much in
your debt!

It is also possible that a project not exactly outlined in this proposal,
but that would fit with it, could be considered for any of the positions
(e.g., a Chinese project instead of Korea, Thailand or Burma instead of Sri
Lanka). It is also possible that a post-doc work in a PhD area and vice

very best thanks in advance, Jonathan

PS:  please ignore the deadline date of 23 April which may still be on the
website--it has been updated to June 1st.

J. Silk
Instituut Kern / Universiteit Leiden
Postbus 9515
2300 RA Leiden

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