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Dear List Members,

Please see below, the updated and finalized schedule for the History and Material Culture in Asian Religions conference being held at the Penn Museum on March 21st - March 22nd in Philadelphia.

The new link to the conference website is:


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March 21-22, 2010, University of Pennsylvania

Penn Museum, Classroom 2 (Please use Kress entrance.)

* Sponsored by the Dept. of Religious Studies, Center for Ancient Studies, South Asia Center, Center for East Asian Studies, Penn Museum, Mellon Cross-Cultural Diversity Fund, University Research Foundation, and the Oriental Club of Philadelphia.

* All events are free and open to the public.


9:00-9:20am – Welcome & Introductory Comments

9:20am–12:00noon - Session I: The Materiality of Writing: Text as Artifact / Chair: Paul Goldin (University of Pennsylvania) 

Dirk Meyer (Oxford University), “Bamboo and the Production of Philosophy: A Hypothesis about a Shift in Writing and Thought in Early China”

Jinah Kim (Vanderbilt University/Institute for Advanced Study), “Animating the Dharma: 3D World of Medieval Buddhist books in South Asia”

Travis Zadeh (Haverford College), “An Ingestible Scripture: Early Debates on Touching, Dissolving, and Eating the Qur’an”

Benjamin J. Fleming (University of Pennsylvania), “Buddhists and Brahmins under the Reign of Śricandra: New Evidence from Copperplate Inscriptions”

1:00–3:00 pm - Session II: Rethinking Religious Histories / Chair: Deven Patel (University of Pennsylvania)

Shayne Clarke (McMaster University), “Motherhood amidst the Sisterhood: Reading Inscriptional Evidence in Light of Buddhist Monastic Law Codes”

Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa (University of Alabama), “Stūpa Renovation as a Trope of Authority in Asian Societies: Three Case Studies from the Kathmandu Valley”

Kevin Bond (University of Regina), “Marketing Miracles: Buddhism, Commercialism, and Entertainment in Early Modern Japan”

3:00–4:00pm - Coffee Break / Gallery Tour, Steve Lang (Asian Keeper, Penn Museum)

4:00–6:00pm - Session III: Between Image and Text / Chair: Michael Meister (University of Pennsylvania)

Shaman Hatley (Concordia University), “Goddesses in Text and Stone: Temples of the Yoginīs in Light of the Purāṇas and Tantric Śaiva Literature”

Jamal Elias (University of Pennsylvania), “Icons and Idols in the Islamic Past: Seeing the Religious Image in Historical Account”

Justin McDaniel (University of Pennsylvania), “Beyond Narrative: Murals and Material Culture in Thailand”


9:00–11:40 am - Session IV: Relic, Text, and Icon / Chair: Frank Chance (University of Pennsylvania)

James Robson (Harvard University), “Things Inside of Things: On the Materials Found Inside of Chinese Icons”

Tamara Sears (Yale University), “Sculpting the Ascetic Body: Corporeality and Ephemerality in Early Medieval Śaivism”

Hank Glassman (Haverford College), “Ninshô, Ryôhen, and the 25 Bodhisattvas of Hakone”

Gudrun Bühnemann (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “On the Iconography and Date of the Golden Window in Patan” 

1:00–3:00 pm - Session V: Material Cultures in Contact: Trade and Religious Exchange / Chair: Victor Mair (University of Pennsylvania)

Richard Mann (Carleton University), “The Rise of Mahasena: Skanda, Vishakha and Mahasena on the Gold Coinage of Huvishka”

Jason Neelis (University of Florida/Ruhr-Universität Bochum), “Gandharan Materials and Manuscripts from Contact Zones between South Asia and Central Asia: Crucial Evidence for Patterns of Buddhist Transmission”

Annette Yoshiko Reed (University of Pennsylvania), “Eurasian Trade and the Connections between “West” and “East”: Reconsidering Early Christian References to Asian Religions”

3:15–4:00pm – Concluding Discussion and Reception in Mosaic Gallery

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Dr. Benjamin Fleming Visiting Scholar, 
Dept. of Religious Studies, 
University of Pennsylvania 249 S. 36th Street, 
Claudia Cohen Hall, #234 
Philadelphia, PA 19104 U.S.A. 
Telephone - 215-746-7792

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