AttagandhaM padmam

Marco Franceschini franceschini.marco at FASTWEBNET.IT
Tue Jul 27 09:59:44 UTC 2010

The subject should read AttagandhaM padmam, not AttagadhaM padmam. 
Sorry for slip.

Marco Franceschini

>Dear list members,
>in the kavya I'm working on (Buddhaghosa's Padyacudamani) there's a 
>reference to the god Brahma taking the fragrance away (and the pride 
>down, with double-entendre) from the lotuses:
>tadAnanenduM bhuvi niHsapatnaM
>nirmAtukAmena pitAmahena /
>akAri padmaM dhruvam Attagandham
>antaHkalaGkaM ca sudhAMzubimbam //
>(the stanza describes queen Maya, the mother of Siddhartha)
>"It was surely out of his wish to make her [the queen's] moon-like 
>face unequalled in the world that Brahma deprived the lotus of its 
>fragrance [and: took its pride down], and marked the moon disk with 
>the spot"
>I've never heard of Brahma humiliating lotuses: does anyone know 
>what the poet refers to?
>Thank you in advance for any suggestion.
>Best regards,
>Marco Franceschini

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