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 Dear Ashok,

The text of the Veṅkaṭeśvara edition (VII, 1, 11) runs as follows:

ततः पितृगृहं गन्तुं कृतबुद्धिर्यशस्विनी ॥ छायामयीमात्मतनुं प्रत्यंगमिव निर्मिताम् ॥ ८८ ॥
सम्मुखं प्रेक्ष्य तां देवीं स्वां छायां वाक्यमब्रवीत् ॥ ८९ ॥

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On 22/08/2010 20.58, Ashok Aklujkar wrote:
> I do not at present have access to the Prabhaasa-kha.nda of the It seems to have been counted as the seventh kha.n.da in at least some of the editions. The verse of which I need the original text is specified as Skanda in one of my sources of information. A part of the text is said to be pratya:ngam iva nirmitam. 
> In the translation by G.V. Tagare in the MLBD tr series, vol. 67 pt. XiX, p. 71, where VII.I.11 is specified, verses 88-89 have been translated as follows: 
> 	"After deciding to go to her father's house, the lady of great renown looked at her own reflection (Chaayaa), which 	appeared to be made similar to her in every limb. Seeing that divine being in front of her, her own Chåyå, she 		spoke these words:"
>  If any of you have access to the relevant kha.n.da of the Skanda, kindly let me know how the Skt original of these lines reads. The context is that of the story of Sa.mj;naa. 
> Thanks.
> ashok aklujkar

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