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Manring, Rebecca rmanring at INDIANA.EDU
Mon Aug 23 14:04:08 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I'm polishing up a manuscript to send off for publication in the next few days, and there are still a few text citations in the work I'm translating, that I haven't been able to identify.  Does anyone know of any on-line searchable collections of puranic, etc. materials that I may have overlooked?  I've managed (in our library here at Indiana) to search the Caitanya Caritamrta, the Bhagavata Purana, the Padma Purana, Brahmanda Purana, Vamana Purana and Visnu Mahapurana, as well as the Caitanya Candrodaya Nataka, and found a few of these mystery citations, but a couple still have me stumped.

Thank you,

Rebecca J. Manring
Acting Director
India Studies Program


Associate Professor
India Studies and Religious Studies
Indiana University-Bloomington

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