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Mon Jun 29 16:52:11 UTC 2009

Yes, I was going to suggest the same place.  It was in Gangwal Park, if I 
remember rightly (may be the same as the location mentioned below).  It 
was founded by "Vyakul" Sharma, who may be no more.  It's an extraordinary 
collection, rich in MSS (there's a catalogue of some of them), including 
alchemical texts, locks, stones, images, and much more.  It's a quirky 
personal collection, and richer for that, reminiscent of the Raj Dinkar 
Kelkar collection in Pune,

... and there's some info here: 

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On Thu, 25 Jun 2009, Eva De Clercq wrote:

> Dear Jean Michel,
> Perhaps you know this one already, but I found the RCS Museum of Indology,
> off J. Nehru Marg, to be very interesting. I visited there many years ago,
> and it has a nice collection of manuscripts and artefacts.
> Best wishes,
> Eva

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